Welcome to Wagnificent! I’m Alyssa Berkovitz, leader of the pack and proud mom of Kernel, a 1 y/o Great Dane. We're recruiting dogs with good recall to join our physically and mentally stimulating off-leash hikes. Hiking off-leash with a pack gives each dog a sense of confidence, friendship and EXHAUSTION!  I build trusting relationships with every member of the pack by routinely practicing basic commands and using positive reinforcement, including but not limited to cheese. Dogs who walk well but must remain on-leash are also welcome to hike.

Hikes are held at Cat Rock Park twice daily on weekdays, with pickup & drop-off included. Dogs must live within 3 miles from the Brighton to Cat Rock Park route (add $6 for dogs 3mi+ off route). Pickup time for Pack One is 9:00am-11:00am. Pickup time for Pack Two is 10:45am-12:45pm. Each pack has up to 5 dogs.

Wagnificent is fully insured, however, fighting/biting is not allowed. While it may sound intimidating, I encourage owners to muzzle their dog if they’ve seen aggressive behavior in the past. This responsible and humane decision will ensure that everyone stays safe and in good standing at Wagnificent, while helping desensitize the dog to situations that cause them frustration.

If I’m unavailable for hikes, you will receive as much advanced notice as possible. Abby, an old dogwalking co-worker of mine, will most likely cover for me.